Interview + Winning + BTS + Greeting + Vapp

 Entertainment Weekly – Group S

 150222 MBC Section TV – Shinhwa

 160403 Shinhwa Section TV – 18th Anniversary Hero Concert Interview

 Shinhwa <Sniper> 1st Winning on Show Champion

 Shinhwa <Sniper> 2nd Winning on MCountdown

 Shinhwa <Sniper> 3rd Winning on Music Bank

 Shinhwa <Sniper> 4th Winning on Music Core

 Shinhwa <Sniper> 5th Winning on Inkigayo

 Shinhwa <Sniper> 6th Winning on Show Champion

 150313 Shinhwa – Music Bank Interview

 Show Champion BTS

 MPD Mission: A letter to my future self

 MPD Mission: Comeback special mission with SHINHWA

 150424 Taipei concert greeting

  2005 Shinhwa Personal Histories Street

 2015 Production DVD (extracted)

 MAMA Promotion – Kim Dongwan

 151027 Winning + BTS – Kim Dongwan (SBS The Show)



 160115 VCR – I’ll show you filming site

 160116  Andy at Shanghai

 160121 Practice on Birthday


Emergency Measures No.19 – SHINHWA (Cut)

Ngày 3 bữa – Preview